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THIS REPORT SERVICE provides insights and information on finished lubricant prices and an in-depth analysis of the cost drivers responsible for the changes in lubricant costs and prices in the US market.

This is the first in a continuing series of JobbersWorld reports on lubricant pricing.


  •  Monitor price changes at the manufacturer and retail levels
  •  Information and insights into cost drivers influencing lubricant prices
  •  Develop pricing strategies
  •  Assess impact of price changes on cost and sales
  •  Plan realistic budgets and forecasts
  •  Keep pace with market dynamics
  •  Communicate the reasons for price increases to customers


Subscription to the Service Includes:


Annual Report for 2017

The annual report comprises an estimated 50 pages of text, tables, and graphs detailing finished lubricant price changes at the manufacturer level, cost drivers, stickiness of price increases, and retail prices.
Semiannual Reports in 2018

Semiannual reports comprising an estimated 20 pages each of insights and information on finished lubricant price changes at the manufacturer level, cost drivers, and retailing pricing from January through June, and July through December. Available no later than July 2018 and January 2019, respectively.
Periodic Updates in 2018

Understanding changes in price and cost can come at any time and the importance of providing this information and an analysis of the drivers to manufacturers and marketers in a timely manner, the report service includes periodic updates. The updates will be provided during periods of lubricant price instability.

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