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Petroleum Trends International, Inc. is an independent strategic planning and market research consulting firm.

Since 1999, Petroleum Trends International has specialized in custom market research and business consulting services in the lubricant, petroleum wax and fuel space.

Alliance Planning

Choosing a Partner
  • Is the proposed alliance activity or process strategic in nature?
  • Have you conducted a capability assessment of all potential parties? Have you picked the winner?
  • For your chosen partner, have both companies done a cultural assessment to identify areas of difference?
  • Is there a clearly identified business need for both parties?
  • Has a business case been constructed which identifies the benefits of the alliance?
  • Do both parties have similar experiences of alliancing? Is there a common level of maturity?
  • Would you hire their managers to run your business?

Ready to Go?
  • Do you have a set of shared goals?
  • Do both parties have a common view of success and failure?
  • Have you developed a statement of values which dictates how you will work together?
  • Is the measures model built?
  • Have you agreed how you will report and review progress towards these measures?
  • Have you defined the organizational structure of the alliance?
  • Have clear stretch targets been set which align to both companies' corporate strategies?
  • How would you rate the trust you have in your partner on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • Have you agreed how to share the losses if something goes wrong?

On the Road
  • Do you have a mechanism for escalating problems which cannot be resolved within the operational alliance structure?
  • Are you focused on delivering some quick wins?
  • Do individuals in both companies get rewarded on alliance performance or parent company performance?
  • Is there an effective communications process being used?
  • Has integrated planning become the way of setting direction, or do both firms plan separately?
  • Are there clear milestones and objectives which are regularly reviewed?
  • Is there a mechanism for a pit-stop, i.e., a chance to stand back, take stock, and then drive forward again?

Financial and Advisory Services

Through its alliance partnership with Bywater Corporate Development Services, PetroTrends offers a suite of services designed to assist independent lubricant manufacturers and lubricant and fuel distributors:

  • Develop strategy related to acquisitions, divestitures, alliances, and financing
  • Prepare a business for sale
  • Determine the market value of a business
  • Sell all or part of a company
  • Find appropriate acquisitions
  • Perform due diligence
  • Integrate acquisitions
  • Identify joint venture or alliance partners
  • Raise private equity or venture financing

PetroTrends and Bywater CDS formed an alliance partnership in this suite of services because both firms believe independent lubricant manufacturers and lubricant and fuel distributors deserve a high level of professional assistance when considering acquisitions, divestitures, and alliances or when seeking private equity financings. PetroTrends extensive knowledge and experience in the lubricant and fuel markets, together with Bywater's expertise and practical methodologies in corporate planning services allows us to provide this assistance with integrity and on a cost-effective basis.

Services in the Market Acquisitions, Divestitures, Alliances, and Private Equity Financings suite include:
Seller Programs
  • Understand seller's goals and objectives
  • Determine market value of the business
  • Prepare confidential selling materials for distribution to prospective strategic and financial buyers, highlighting the true value of the business
  • Identify, contact, and qualify potential buyers on a confidential basis
  • Assist seller in negotiating terms of sale
  • Facilitate and track issues until closing
Buyer Programs
  • Develop effective search criteria
  • Identify acquisition candidates that meet buyer's criteria
  • Assist buyer in investigating and valuing acquisition prospects
  • Help buyer in structuring and negotiating terms of purchase
  • Assist buyer in arranging financing
  • Help solve problems and track issues until closing
Private Equity Programs
  • Review capital requirements, determine value of business, and define ownership objectives
  • Develop criteria for potential investor partners
  • Prepare confidential offering materials for distribution to potential investors
  • Identify, contact, and qualify financial and strategic investors on a confidential basis
  • Assist in negotiating financing terms with investors
  • Facilitate and track issues until deal is completed
Alliance Programs
  • Work with client to identify the alliance potential of their business
  • Develop alliancing goals and partner criteria
  • Identify alliance candidates that meet client's criteria
  • Assist client in qualifying partner prospects
  • Help client in structuring and negotiating terms of alliance
  • Solve problems and track issues until agreement is reached

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